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Why You Need Easy Reach Foot Rest in Your Product Line

Why is Easy Reach Foot Rest destined for sales success? Let’s face it, nearly all women who shave their legs (97% to be exact) have experienced shaving their legs in a shower stall without a ledge. And they feel unsafe and uncomfortable when faced with this problem.

What do women do without somewhere to put their foot while shaving? Well, some try to shave while standing, a feat for the young and nimble at best. Some try to keep their foot propped up on the wall of the shower, a slippery solution for sure.

Women face this problem in their homes, in hotels, in fitness clubs, in college dormitories. It’s time they don’t need to worry about it!

And the problem extends outside of the shower. When women need to polish or clip their toenails, or apply lotion, how do they do it? Well, sadly, they often use the toilet seat to prop up their leg. Yuck. Some actually turn a wastebasket upside down. Why not give them the option to comfortably sit in a chair with a place to rest their foot for all these tasks?

Overall, 74% of women surveyed say would purchase a reasonably priced product that provides a comfortable place to rest their foot while shaving/polishing/filing/clipping or applying lotion. Isn’t it about time they found one that fits their needs?

Another reason: The bath and beauty industry is growing, and women have tremendous buying power.

In 2018, the United States bath & shower products market is forecast to have a value increase of over 15% since 2013. Shower products is the largest segment of the bath & shower products market in the United States, accounting for 51% of the market's total value. (Source: Marketline)

And it is reported that women in the U.S. control or influence 73% of all household spending. Women spend more than men (over double) on shopping trips to drugstores and supercenters, where Step Up, Ladies! will be sold.

In addition, women account for 58% of online spending, where Step Up, Ladies! will also be sold. (Source: Catalyst. Buying Power: Women in the US. New York: Catalyst, May 20, 2015)

So sell a product that women need and want…they will thank you for it.

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