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Easy Reach Foot Rest is nothing more than a solution to a problem. It was designed by Anne Goetz, who simply saw a need in the market for such a product after experiencing the problem of shaving legs without a safe and comfortable place to rest your leg, in her home shower stall and also at her fitness club. She quickly found that there were no good options available. 

Making Easy Reach Foot Rest small, light and with a drainable pocket for nail supplies means you can take the foot rest and use it outside of the shower as well - seriously, haven't all women propped their foot up on the coffee table or a toilet to polish or clip their toenails??! Now you can sit on a chair in comfort instead.

AKT Products is proud to bring Easy Reach Foot Rest to market. Research shows that women experience the shaving issue at home, in hotels, fitness clubs, and college dormitories. Easy Reach Foot Rest can also be used for general foot care and cosmetic purposes, such as polishing, clipping and filing toenails, applying lotion, putting on strappy sandals, and tying shoelaces.  It also helps the elderly (and those who care for them) who need a little extra assistance reaching their feet!

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